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Wisdom Tooth Removal in Wayne, MI

A Comfortable, Easy Visit

Your wisdom teeth, also known as your third molars, typically don’t fully grow in until your late teenage years or early adulthood. Some people might not even have their wisdom teeth grow in at all throughout their entire lifetime.

Most of us need to get these third set of molars removed because our mouths have come to develop smaller over time, so there isn’t enough room to fit them. This can lead to dental complications down the line if they aren’t removed and will begin to impact your surrounding teeth.

During your biannual checkups, our team will continue to keep an eye on the developments of your wisdom teeth to see if you’ll need to have them removed or not.

Who Needs Their Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

Some wisdom teeth may not need to be extracted at all, but this will depend on a variety of factors. This will generally depend on the size of your jaw and how they grow in. Dr. Kaur may recommend wisdom teeth removal if he notices:

  • You feel teeth erupting from below the gums
  • They’re impacted or growing in at an angle
  • You feel pain and sensitivity in the back of your mouth
  • You have gum disease or cavities
  • There’s inflammation around your wisdom teeth areas

A Safe, Efficient Process

The procedure from removing your wisdom teeth is quick, easy, and pain-free at our dental office. When you come in for your appointment, Dr. Kaur will begin by giving you a sedative to help eliminate any discomfort throughout the procedure.

If your wisdom teeth are still below the gumline, he will gently make an incision to help remove each tooth. This process will only take about an hour or less, depending on whether or not we’re removing all four wisdom teeth or not.

After your treatment, Dr. Kaur will safely stitch any areas and apply gauze to help with recovery. Typically, patients will still feel the effects of the sedative, so a driver will need to take you home.

After Your Procedure

Once you’ve made it home, most patients will need to take it easy the rest of the day, and likely a few days following. We will suggest some tips to help with healing including:

  • Use an ice pack on your face to help with swelling
  • Use moist heat for a sore jaw
  • Exercise your jaw by gently opening and closing your mouth
  • Follow a soft food or liquid diet
  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Don’t brush your teeth until the second day
  • Take any medications we’ve given to you to ease pain

By taking these measures, you’ll be able to recover quickly in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

In very few cases, a person’s wisdom teeth will erupt without any complications and they won’t need to be removed. However, this is rare and most people don’t have enough space in their jaw to properly fit them.

We’ll typically recommend that your wisdom teeth should be removed if they’re impacted or they’re growing in at an angle. If this is the case, we will provide you with a complete examination that includes an x-ray to reveal impaction, damage to neighboring teeth, signs of decay or gum disease, or potential problems with future wisdom tooth eruption.

Depending on the type of anesthetic used during your procedure, there is a chance you can drive yourself home, but we typically don’t recommend it.

Some sedation options will leave you feeling tired and a little confused after your procedure, so you’ll need a responsible driver to take you home following the extraction.

During your initial consultation, our team will explain to you the different sedation options we offer for your wisdom tooth removal treatment and we will choose one that’s best for you.

Yes, Dr. Kaur or a member of our team will provide you with special instructions following your wisdom tooth removal. Some of the guidance tips include:

  • Keep the extraction site clean and free of debris for the first couple of weeks after the procedure with salt water rinses and applying gauze
  • Taking all medications exactly as prescribed by Dr. Kaur 
  • Avoid sucking through a straw for the first several days after surgery
  • Follow a soft food or liquid diet to avoid getting food stuck in the surgical area

Getting your wisdom teeth removed can sound like an intense procedure, but avoiding having the teeth removed can cause greater discomfort and pain than what you’d experience during the procedure.

We’ll always numb the extraction area before the procedure and provide you with sedation dentistry if needed to ensure you’re comfortable and pain-free.

We’ll also provide you with patient-friendly aftercare instructions to promote a speedy and successful recovery.

Schedule a Visit to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth

Whether you begin to notice your wisdom teeth growing in or not, it’s always crucial to keep up with your regular dental exams so our team can look out for you. If you need to schedule a wisdom tooth removal appointment, then give us a call today to get started – (734) 722-1617.

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