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Maintaining your healthy smile begins at home, with regular hygiene habits that include twice daily brushing and flossing your teeth. However, ensuring a lifetime of pristine oral health means regularly visiting a dental professional for routine cleanings and examinations. Help protect your oral health by visiting our practice for dental cleanings and examinations at least twice a year. During these appointments, Dr. Charara and our Village Dental team will deeply clean your teeth and perform a thorough checkup to help you avoid the pain and inconvenience of costly oral health issues.

Explore our guide below to learn exactly what to expect during your routine visit to our Wayne, MI dental practice.

Deeply Cleaning Your Teeth and Gums

During your appointment, one of our expert hygienists will thoroughly clean and polish your teeth with specialized dental tools. These instruments allow us to gently remove plaque and tartar build ups while sterilizing areas of your mouth that can’t be reached with a toothbrush. By scheduling twice-yearly teeth cleanings, you’ll significantly reduce your risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral health problems.

Once we have your smile fresh and clean, Dr. Charara will carefully inspect you for warning signs of other issues. If a problem is detected with your teeth or gums, she can deliver the optimal treatment for getting your oral health back on track.

Digital X-Rays

Along with a visual inspection of your mouth, we’ll also take digital X-rays at least once a year to examine your oral structures in greater detail. These safe and painless scans allow Dr. Charara to detect issues that may be invisible to the naked eye. If we recognize a problem, we’ll be able to promptly provide treatment and prevent warning signs from developing into more serious problems.

To protect your lasting health and safety, we rely on digital X-rays at our Wayne, MI practice. This modern technology gives Dr. Charara the opportunity to show you exactly what she’s seeing on a display screen, allowing you to follow along with her treatment recommendations. Best of all, digital X-rays reduce radiation exposure by up to 90% compared to traditional radiography systems.

Oral Cancer Screening

One of the most important services we’ll provide during your checkup is an oral cancer screening. Oral cancer is a potentially deadly disease that takes the lives of thousands of Americans every year, usually because it’s detected too late for effective treatment. The best way to stay ahead of oral cancer is to make sure you attend routine dental checkups on a regular, twice-yearly basis.

By monitoring your mouth for oral cancer, we can reduce the risk of the disease going unidentified and spreading out of control. If any sign of oral cancer is detected, we’ll refer you to a specialist that will give you the best possible opportunity to beat it.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is a natural mineral that remineralizes tooth enamel and helps to prevent tooth decay and cavities. It’s present in many of the foods and beverages we enjoy, as well as most toothpaste brands. Most people get the benefits of fluoride without even knowing it.

After a dental cleaning, one of our hygienists can apply a concentrated fluoride solution to your teeth. This will help keep them strong and healthy, allowing your smile to stay beautiful for years to come. Fluoride treatments are especially beneficial for young patients while their permanent teeth are coming in. However, the added protection against tooth decay can be an advantage for patients of any age.

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Dental cleanings and examinations are essential for maintaining your healthy smile. By visiting our Wayne, MI practice at least twice a year, you’ll keep your teeth looking their best and avoid more serious and costly dental issues. Give us a call at (734) 722-1617 to schedule an appointment today. We can’t wait to help support your healthy smile.

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