Meet Your Wayne Dentist

Dr. Seth Zumstein

At Village Dental, Dr. Seth Zumstein uses his world-class training and decades of experience to deliver top-quality dental care to his patients. Every member of our passionate dental team strives to exceed expectations and take the stress out of dental visits. Our goal is for patients to enjoy appointments at our office, feel completely comfortable while they’re with us, and leave with beautiful, healthy smiles. Dr. Seth and his team are excited to take care of you and your loved ones!

Getting to Know Your Dentist

Meet Dr. Seth Zumstein, a compassionate and skilled dentist with over two decades of experience in the dental field. Dr. Zumstein was born and raised in Chicago, IL, and graduated from Grosse Ile Middle and High Schools. During his school years, he was actively involved in playing violin in numerous organizations, soccer, and track teams, and worked part-time jobs.

Dr. Zumstein’s academic journey continued at Albion College, where he pursued music studies and earned a BS in Chemistry in 1997. He then worked for a year in the dental field before pursuing his dream of becoming a dentist. He attended the University of Michigan School of Dentistry from 1998 to 2002 and earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree.

After completing his education, Dr. Zumstein began his dental career at Riverview Dental Center, where he worked with Dr. W Sassack from 2002 to 2020. During this time, he developed his skills and gained valuable experience in all aspects of dentistry. In 2018, he also began working at Amazing! Dental Group, where he continued to provide top-quality dental care to his patients until 2023.

Personal Background

Dr. Zumstein is a proud father of a son and daughter and enjoys spending time with his family. In his free time, he enjoys solving crossword puzzles, playing tennis, biking, and reading. 

Core Philosophy

Dr. Zumstein’s personal and professional experiences have helped shape him into a compassionate dentist whose patients are his first priority. Dr. Zumstein listens to his patients and discusses every concern and available treatments option so that they can make informed healthcare decisions. He’s always looking to learn new skills and techniques to provide his patients with the highest quality care in a relaxed and comfortable setting. By always working to perfect and expand his abilities, he’s consistently helped patients achieve results they will love for a lifetime of smiles. Dr. Zumstein’s passion for dentistry and commitment to patient care make him a trusted and respected dentist in his community.